Aguinda v. Chevron: The Remarkable Rise and Fall of A Stage-Managed Litigation and PR Crusade

September 26, 2014

On September 26, Washington Legal Foundation Web Seminar Series hosted a live webcast featuring Firm partner Eric Lasker, whose work on the case, Venacio Aguasanta Arias v. Dyncorpsecured a victory for Hollingsworth LLP client, DynCorp International.

In the Chevron case, an attorney for indigenous South Americans thought he had crafted a new model for executing legal insurgencies at the global level.  But the tactics he utilized to win a $19 billion judgment from Chevron in an Ecuadorian courtroom exposed him, his clients, and others to racketeering charges.  The program speakers assessed how the suit’s downfall will impact plaintiffs’ and defendants’ strategies in future mass litigation and what influence the scandal may have on public and judicial perceptions of such legal actions. They also discussed the RICO case’s impending appeal in the Second Circuit.