Don Fowler Co-Chairs LSI's Seventh Annual Comprehensive Conference on Natural Resource Damages

July 18, 2013-July 19, 2013

This year, Firm partner Donald W. Fowler was Co-Chair of the NRD Conference at the Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza Hotel.  Mr. Fowler also spoke on two program panels: The Economics of Restoration: Service Losses and Restoration Gains, Baseline, Primary and Compensatory Restoration Tradeoffs in Theory and Practice; on Thursday afternoon, and Friday: Further Thoughts on Integration of Remediation and NRD: Is It a Pipe Dream?  LSI's Conference on evolving strategic and tactical issues for Natural Resource Damages marked Mr. Fowler's seventh annual appearance on the program agenda. 

Natural Resource Damages litigation remains one of the most active and dynamic areas of environmental law.  NRD statutory claims in courts across the United States, and associated state statutory and common law claims, present complex and evolving strategic and tactical issues for both natural resource trustees and potentially responsible parties.  As case law defining NRD claims and defenses continues to develop, trustees and stakeholders have taken new approaches to both prosecuting and defending NRD claims, thereby advancing NRD practice.  NRD claims can place enormous sums at issue.

Who are the new voices in bringing NRD claims and defenses?  How do the new voices change the dynamics of NRD assessments and lawsuits?  How are NRD injuries measured and monetized?  What are the best strategies and tactics to handle large, complex NRD litigation?  These were among the topics discussed at the Conference.  The faculty — senior environmental practitioners and experts across the country — came from affected industry, federal and state governments, nationally recognized defense and plaintiff firms, and environmental and economic consultant practices directly involved in precedent-setting NRD claims.

To download the conference brochure, please click here.