Fern O'Brian and Neil Bromberg speak at Personal Care Products Council's 2018 Legal and Regulatory Conference

May 9, 2018-May 11, 2018

On Wednesday, May 9, Firm partners Fern O'Brian and Neil Bromberg spoke at the Personal Care Products Council's 2018 Legal and Regulatory Conference in Savannah, Georgia.  Mr. Bromberg and Ms. O'Brian have significant expertise in the field and bring a unique perspective to the program.

Urged on by animal rights activists across the globe, federal, state, and local legislatures are considering major changes to the regulation and enforcement of animal testing rules for cosmetics.  The panel included an overview of pending legislation and litigation.  Are changes coming soon to longstanding principles regarding the use of data from animal testing, exemptions for products sold in China, or regulatory agency requirements?  This and related questions are driving major initiatives that industry must face in multifaceted arenas, including regulatory, political, and public relations.

The Personal Care Products Council Legal and Regulatory Conference is the premier annual meeting for industry general counsel and legal staff, regulatory affairs staff, and outside counsel representing member companies. 

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