Neil Bromberg to address the 13th annual Judicial Symposium on Civil Justice Issues.

May 7, 2019

The Law & Economic Center's annual Judicial Symposium on Civil Justice Issues aims to help judges make sense of America’s rapidly changing civil justice environment.

This year’s symposium will tackle timely issues such as the impact of attorney advertising on plaintiffs and juries, the ALI’s proposed new Restatement of Consumer Contracts, the role of judges in evaluating expert testimony, and trends in opioid-related litigation.  Legal and economic experts representing a variety of perspectives will dissect and debate these topics, and many more, while participating judges will have the opportunity to ask probing questions and seek insight into some of today’s most contentious legal issues.

Mr. Bromberg will speak on the panel "Accutane, Asbestos, and Talc: The Impact of Varying Standards for Expert Evidence," a discussion on the way courts in different jurisdictions have reached widely different conclusions, largely on the basis of the expert testimony admitted at trial, what the role of the judge should be in serving as a gatekeeper over expert testimony, how Frye and Daubert states vary, and how states that have adopted the Daubert rule vary in the ways they actually implement it.