Partner Frank Leone chairs American Law Institute webinar on the latest in fracking litigation.

March 3, 2015

On March 3, 2015, Frank Leone led an ALI webinar "Fracking Update: Latest Business and Litigation Issues."  As noted in the program description, hydraulic fracturing has become one of the most lucrative, and one of the most hotly contested and litigated, processes for extracting natural gas and other petroleum products.  Attorneys on all sides need to understand the business issues of fracking, current and future regulations, and litigation risks to properly advise their clients on the emerging legal issues from this controversial drilling practice. The webinar discussion included:
       •    business and litigation concerns of the different companies involved

       •    latest on state and local government attempts to regulate and ban fracking

       •    update on current federal laws and exemptions

       •    what information must be disclosed about fracking operations?

       •    how the recent drop in oil and gas prices has affected the fracking business

       •    recent court decisions and trends involving environmental and toxics litigation

       •    how to bring or address concerns regarding health and environmental risks

In April, Mr. Leone will speak on fracturing and the new science and new developments in environmental and toxics litigation at the Firm's 27th Annual Seminar on Complex Litigation Defense.