Ron Dhindsa to Present at 50th Anniversary Bisphosphonate Event

July 15, 2019-June 17, 2019

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This year marks 50 years since the first publication on the biological effects of bisphosphonates. Since then more than 27,000 papers have appeared on PubMed.  The 50th Anniversary meeting in Sheffield, England will review developments over the past fifty years, discuss the current understanding, and look at what the future may hold.

The discovery that bisphosphonates could inhibit bone resorption led very quickly to their clinical use in Paget’s disease and in patients with skeletal complications of cancer and later in osteoporosis. They remain the major drugs used for these conditions and their use in clinical therapeutics is likely to continue well into the future.

Ron Dhindsa will address the group on ONJ Liability Litigation.

Visit the event website for full details, including information on the program, registration, travel, and accommodations.  And follow them on Twitter at ‎@Bisphosphonate1