Hollingsworth LLP is committed to hiring and retaining attorneys and staff whose backgrounds reflect the diversity of the legal marketplace.  Diversity is an integral part of the Firm’s long-term development and business plan. The Firm has set up objective criteria for the hiring, promotion, networking, and marketing of our women and minority lawyers.  We recognize that our diversity makes us more effective, more welcoming, more competitive, and contributes to the Firm’s growth. 

We are pleased with the strides we are making in further increasing the Firm’s diversity.  Although Hollingsworth LLP already exceeds the benchmarks set by law firms nationwide, we continue to strive for more diversity.  According to a recent American Lawyer article, 9.7% of all lawyers, and 13% of lawyers at large firms, are members of minority groups.  At Hollingsworth LLP, nearly 20% of our lawyers are members of minority groups.  Similarly, women make up 45% of lawyers at all law firms, but nearly 50% of the lawyers at Hollingsworth LLP.  Our pipeline for diverse attorneys is working – and working to bring to our firm top-tier attorneys from diverse backgrounds. 

Recruiting is just the first step in the Hollingsworth LLP diversity story.  Paramount is our focus on and investment in the professional growth of our attorneys.  Our women and minority attorneys play significant leadership roles in our Firm management and on our litigation teams.  Our second-year Associates – and even some of our first-year Associates – are given professional opportunities unmatched by other firms of any size.  These junior Associates take depositions, participate in trial preparation, and engage daily in our complex litigation cases.  They are not merely document reviewers; they are practicing attorneys.  And their experience puts them out front in litigation where they can demonstrate their skills to courts and their colleagues in the profession.  By way of example, of the four Associates we hired in September 2012, three were minority women.  Since the time they were hired, they have taken a combined forty depositions, and all three were assigned to trial teams on cases that have gone to trial.  One prepared a mock argument for an oral argument before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.  Hollingsworth provides the opportunity for you to be a practicing lawyer, not a document reviewer.

In February 2014, Hollingsworth LLP was selected by the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) as one of three finalists in the Mid-Atlantic Region for the 2014 Thomas L. Sager Award.  The Sager Award was created by MCCA to honor Thomas L. Sager, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at DuPont, whose relentless commitment to increasing diversity in the legal profession has inspired others to do the same.

In 2013, Vault.com (an organization for professionals and students seeking career-related information on various industries and professions) named Hollingsworth LLP one of the 15 best litigation boutiques in the country.

The Firm joined with other firms to sponsor the annual Diversity Luncheon at DRI’s Toxic Tort & Environmental Law Seminar in 2013 in New Orleans and in 2012 in Miami Beach.  We attend and participate in three minority job fairs each year — those of the National Black Law Students Association, the Mid-Atlantic Black Law Students Association, and VAULT. 

In 2012, Hollingsworth LLP was recognized for its dedication and commitment to diversity by the Mid-Atlantic Black Law Students Association (“MABLSA”).  These job fairs provide an opportunity for minority law students to interview with DC-area law firms and likewise give firms such as Hollingsworth LLP access to these top-tier students.

Hollingsworth LLP is focused on providing excellent client service in the field of complex litigation; that service is enhanced through our successful effort to recruit, train, and retain diverse attorneys.


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