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Hollingsworth LLP designates Healthy Babies Project as its September 2018 Community Engagement Partner.

Hollingsworth LLP will donate $5,000 to Healthy Babies Project ("HBP") in September.  The Firm will match cumulative Associate and Staff Attorney donations to HBP made in September (and through October 14), in accordance with the Firm's ACT initiative.  Many thanks to our Community Engagement attorney team for helping us identify this month’s partner, whose mission is to “help at-risk DC families have healthy babies and move out of the cycle of poverty.”

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From the Catalogue for Philanthropy, Healthy Babies Project’s website, and our attorney team research:

HBP was founded in 1990, stemming from the alarming infant mortality rate in DC.  The District has one of our country’s highest low birth weight rates (38% higher than the national average) as well as soaring teen pregnancy rates.  With one-on-one support, HBP aims to educate DC's young people about sexual health; reduce the rates of low birth weight and infant death; improve infant health and reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect; prevent unplanned repeat pregnancies; teach effective and confident parenting to all new parents, including teens and fathers; offer family support and home visits; and provide comprehensive and structured health, prenatal, and childbirth education services.  Average infant mortality among HBP clients is about 1/3 of that reported for the District of Columbia (and 29% better than the national average), and HBP clients had 54% fewer low birth weight babies than other delivering mothers in DC.

Since 2007, HBP has expanded its focus on the teenage population, addressing social service needs and education.  Now the program includes services for helping individuals obtain their GED and beyond.  Geographically, the program focuses primarily on DC, but services individuals from VA, MD, and occasionally out-of-state individuals who have moved to DC.

HBP’s website gives examples of how far donations can stretch:

•    $45:       Metro fare card for teen mom
•    $150:     food for mother and baby for one month
•    $500:     college books for a semester for a teen mom
•    $1,000:  bed, mattress, pillow, and linen for a homeless teen mom
•    $2,500:  furnish a bedroom at the TPEP Home for homeless teen moms

Services/Programs per HBP website:

•    Teen Parent Empowerment Program (TPEP) – providing health, education and support services to young adults aged 13-21, assisting not only with pregnancy and family planning education but also completing high school/GED, continuing college education, career, etc.  Includes Fatherhood Education Empowerment Development (FEED) program.

•    Home Visiting Program/Family Support Program – a Family Support Worker makes house calls to facilitate parent-child activities and connect families with community resources (education, housing, etc.).

•    Fatherhood Program/Developing Dads – support/counseling program to equip men to be fathers, provide parenting/substance abuse counseling, and connect to employment and education resources.

•    Ready for Baby – weekly workshops for pregnant and recently delivered mothers to discuss nutrition, prenatal attachment, and other topics.

•    SIHLE (Sisters Informing Healing Living and Empowering) – peer-led program aimed at reducing HIV sexual risk behavior among sexually active, African American teenage females aged 14-18.

•    Making Proud Choices – education re: HIV/STD prevention, reducing risk of unintended pregnancy.

•    HBP Teen Doula Program – to address/help prevent preterm birth, low birth weight, postpartum depression; increase duration of breastfeeding; and address other important issues.

Read more and donate here