Hollingsworth LLP Secures Daubert Victory on Behalf of Bayer

June 1, 2023

In a case brought against firm client Bayer, the Northern District of California excluded the opinions of plaintiff’s sole case-specific medical expert and called for a Daubert hearing regarding the opinions of plaintiff’s only other case-specific expert. The case, Engilis v. Monsanto Company, 3:19-CV-7859, involved allegations that plaintiff’s exposure to Roundup caused multiple cancers – including non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Following depositions of both experts conducted by Hollingsworth attorneys, the court found that plaintiff’s oncology expert Dr. Schneider did not utilize a reliable method for reaching a causation opinion. The court further opined it was “skeptical” that plaintiff’s toxicology expert Dr. Charles’s opinions were reliable enough to present to a jury and requested Dr. Charles appear for a Daubert hearing.