• Attorneys

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    The Firm works hard to equip our associates with the skills to handle greater responsibility in the litigation process earlier in their careers than their peers at larger firms.

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  • Law Students

    Heidepriem, Peter (summer associate)

    Our summer associate program strives to convince talented lawyers-to-be around the country to come to Washington, DC, to live and practice law...

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  • Judicial Clerks

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    Throughout our history, Hollingsworth LLP has regularly hired attorneys who have served as judicial law clerks and we continue to recognize the value those with clerkship experience bring to the Firm.

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  • Paralegals

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    Hollingsworth LLP employs a three-tiered program consisting of paralegals, senior paralegals and paralegal specialists.

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Bloomberg BNA: Monsanto: Cancer Study Suppression is ‘Scientific Vandalism’

Hollingsworth LLP represents Monsanto in In Re:Roundup Products Liability Litigation in the Northern District of California.