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Hollingsworth Partners To Present in Webinar on Impact of Amended FRE 702

event | July 30, 2024

Firm partners Eric Lasker and Elyse Shimada will serve as panelists in a July 30th Strafford live video webinar, “Amended Federal Rule of Evidence 702: Litigators Tool Kit, Measuring the Impact on Daubert Challenges.”

The amended rule has made evidentiary hearings even more important, and defendants have been diligent in seeking reconsideration of prior rulings under the former rule. By comparing the language used by courts when applying FRE 702 before and after the changes, litigators can know how to adjust their strategies.

The panel will address:

  • How federal courts are interpreting and applying amended FRE 702
  • Instructive cases from the trial and appellate courts
  • A suggested practitioner’s tool kit for navigating Rule 702 when offering or challenging experts
  • Possible trends and specific language in orders entered since courts began applying the revised rule
  • How litigators should adjust their strategy in light of the amendments and current trends
  • How reliance on pre-amendment opinions affects the trial court’s approach
  • Whether the amendments are neutral or favor those offering or opposing expert testimony

Directly following the presentations, there will be a live Q&A session with participants.