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Army Corps of Engineers backs down in face of litigation by Firm client.

news | March 13, 2008


On February 22, 2008 the US Army Corps of Engineers announced that it had incorrectly evaluated price proposals for a debris removal contract valued up to $2.5 billion over 5 years and will revaluate all of the proposals to fix multiple mistakes. This corrective action came after Hollingsworth LLP client AshBritt, Inc. filed a substantial protest with the Government Accountability Office highlighting a multitude of flaws in the evaluation process, including unbalanced pricing, unequal discussions, and a failure to follow the stated price evaluation plan. The US Army Corps of Engineers elected to acknowledge and correct these flaws at the start of litigation, rather than to continue through the lengthy protest procedure.

AshBritt, Inc. is an incumbent contractor on the existing US Army Corps of Engineers debris removal contracts, with responsibility for the Louisiana/Mississippi and Alaska regions. It is a national leader in disaster response and recovery services based on its experience, quality of service, technological and operational innovation, and financial strength. Since its inception in 1992, AshBritt has conducted over ninety disaster projects and twenty-five special environmental construction projects of various sizes, successfully serving more than seventy-five clients. It has been directly involved in the debris recovery efforts of thirty federally declared major storms in eleven states, beginning with Hurricane Andrew in South Florida. Over its history, AshBritt has collected, managed, processed and lawfully disposed of well over 50 million cubic yards of disaster related debris.

Hollingsworth LLP is also currently representing AshBritt, Inc. in a variety of matters before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals.