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Elyse A. Shimada is Elected to the Firm Partership.

news | January 1, 2021

We are delighted to announce that Elyse Shimada has become a partner of the Firm. 

Ms. Shimada defends manufacturers in a wide range of products liability matters before state and federal courts across the country.  She has handled all aspects of trial preparation including developing direct and cross-examination outlines and demonstratives and has been an on-site member of multiple trial teams.  She has authored a wide variety of motions and briefs, including appellate briefs submitted in U.S. federal circuit courts.  Ms. Shimada has considerable experience in corporate defense and has prepared numerous corporate representatives for deposition and trial.  She has managed all aspects of the corporate document review and production process, as well as third-party discovery matters.  Ms. Shimada also works on insurance coverage matters, helping clients to recover against insurers for covered claims.