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Eric Lasker Receives IADC’s 2024 Project Award

news | July 8, 2024

At the opening session of the 2024 International Association of Defense Counsel’s (IADC) annual meeting, firm partner Eric Lasker was presented with IADC’s 2024 Project Award “In Gratitude for his Work on the Rule 702 Circuit Guide.”

For over ten years, Eric has worked tirelessly on bringing about much needed amendments to FRE Rule 702, which were finally adopted and went into effect last December.  These amendments state that a party must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that expert testimony is admissible, which the rule had not before explicitly stated. The amendments also emphasize that judges must exercise their gatekeeping authority to ensure experts’ conclusions are supported by their methodologies.

The firm congratulates Eric on this recognition of his dedicated efforts to amend Rule 702, much of which is detailed in his firm biography.