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Final Philadelphia Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agent Personal Injury Case Dismissed

news | January 3, 2012

In early 2010, Hollingsworth LLP began defending 32 Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agent (GBCA) personal injury cases pending in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Complex Litigation Center on behalf of Firm clients General Electric Company and GE Healthcare, Inc. (GEHC).  This Philadelphia forum was rated as the No. 1 “Judicial Hellhole” by the American Tort Reform Foundation 2012 report.

In January 2012, plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed the last case pending against GEHC.  Over the two years, Hollingsworth LLP obtained ten case dismissals from Honorable Sandra Mazer Moss, Coordinating Judge of the Complex Litigation Center on forum non conveniens grounds and five case dismissals on product identification grounds.  Plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed two cases and three were removed for consolidation with a Federal MDL.  After conducting targeted fact and expert discovery, and in several cases filing dispositive motions, the Firm’s clients reached favorable settlements in the remaining cases.