Georgetown Law alumni at Hollingsworth LLP participate at 100% in this year's Law Firm Challenge fundraising effort.

The Law Firm Challenge is an annual fundraising competition in which participating firms vie for the highest percentage of alumni giving and most dollars raised for the Georgetown University Law Center.  Established as the first of its kind in 1998, the program has grown to become the largest, engaging more than 2,500 alumni at 61 firms worldwide.
Throughout the Challenge, volunteer agents at participating firms correspond with alumni colleagues and encourage them to support the Law Annual Fund.  Gifts to the Fund provide critical resources for programs such as  financial aid, student scholarships, summer fellowships, clinics, journals, and the Edward Bennet Williams Library, among others.

Click here for details on Hollingsworth LLP attorney donors on the 2013-14 Honor Roll.  For additional information about the Georgetown Law Annual Fund and the Law Firm Challenge, please click here.