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Hollingsworth LLP selects DC127 as its November Community Engagement Partner.

news | November 2, 2020

In our ongoing efforts to address continuing hardship for Washington, DC families during the pandemic, Hollingsworth LLP is proud to donate to DC127 and match employee donations made in November.

DC127 serves the most vulnerable children in the nation’s capital, those in or at risk of becoming part of the foster care system.  DC127 is dedicated to protecting children and empowering and preserving families, and 87 cents of every dollar raised goes directly into DC127’s programs.  They provide services to District of Columbia parents and grandparents who are isolated, overwhelmed, under-resourced, and at risk of losing a family member to the foster care system.  The Communities for Families (CFF) program provides holistic support to families experiencing social isolation and instability, focusing on family preservation by empowering parents and providing wrap-around services to ensure that every child stays out of foster care and remains connected with his or her family.  CFF utilizes volunteers to mitigate barriers for parents, resulting in decreased feelings of isolation, greater access to resources and life-skills training, and ultimately stronger parents and safer homes.  DC127 is committed to providing prevention services and resources to sustain family stability, ensuring that every family has the chance to thrive.

In the event fostering is necessary, DC127 walks with foster families through every stage of the fostering process, from becoming licensed to supporting children in their homes.  DC127 infuses a support community around foster families that provides tangible resources, information, and relationships to ensure that the children in their homes experience limited placement disruptions.

This past year, with a team of five paid staff and 137 volunteers, DC127 served 42 families, including 56 youth.  They have partnered with the Child and Family Services Agency of Washington, DC (CFSA), Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA), and the Children’s Law Center.  During the coronavirus pandemic, they transitioned their support networks online and have continued to serve families through unemployment assistance, food resourcing, rent and utility payments, counseling resources, and academic support.