Law Students

Uniquely Valued

Exclusively focused on litigation and trial work, we seek other fiercely smart, intensely focused professionals to join our talented team.

“As a Summer Associate, Hollingsworth LLP offered me highly challenging and complex legal work along with hands-on career development and mentorship. The firm’s unique combination of intimate size and big-law cases provides both law students and young attorneys with the guidance and tools necessary for growth and success.”

Eric M. Kelley

With fortune 500 clients depending on our firm to aggressively push the boundaries of the law to create new precedents – and to win, training of our young lawyers begins with our highly selective Summer Associate program, where smart, talented students learn what practicing in high-stakes litigation is all about.

While Hollingsworth LLP interviews on campus, we also welcome applications from law students at other schools and regularly hire from schools at which we do not interview. We hire first-year, second-year and pre-clerkship third-year students for our summer program, and try to satisfy our new-associate hiring needs from this selection of candidates. Offers of permanent employment are generally extended to second-year students who have proven themselves, and first-year Summer Associates whose work and accomplishments meet our criteria are invited to return to the firm for the summer following their second year of law school.


If you attend one of the law schools where we participate in the On Campus Interviewing program, you may submit your resume through your Career Services Office. If we do not interview at your school, please send a resume, law school transcript, and writing sample to our Recruiting Partner, Gary Rubin. Students who do not interview on campus will be required to go through a screening interview.

If you are invited to the firm for a call-back interview, our Office Manager will contact you to schedule a mutually convenient interview date. Typically, you will be scheduled to meet with two associates and two partners for approximately thirty minutes each. Typically one week after your interview, you will receive a letter informing you of our decision.


In addition to work, Summer Associates at Hollingsworth LLP are involved in a variety of professional and social activities. To us, these activities are equally as important as the work itself!

Our Summer Associate program offers a glimpse of what it’s like to live and work in Washington, DC. While getting to know our lawyers and staff, we also create opportunities for our summer associates to get a taste of the amenities associated with living in our nation’s capital. We aim to strike a good balance between the work aspects of the program—giving our summer associates quality, billable work that advances the interests of our clients—and the social aspects of working within a law firm.

Some of the more memorable events from past summers include our annual Welcome Reception, a Nationals game, the attorney/paralegal Crab Feast, softball and bi-weekly luncheon series focused on topics such as:

  • Briefwriting
  • Daubert
  • Experiences of a First Year Associate
  • Experts & Consultants
  • Getting Ready For & Surviving Trial