Annual Seminar

Dynamically Driven

Sharing insights learned on the battlefield in defense of complex civil litigation arising in the United States and abroad.

For thirty-three years and counting, Hollingsworth LLP has hosted the country’s longest-running CLE-accredited Annual Seminar on Complex Litigation Defense, showcasing leading defense practitioners who share cutting-edge legal theories and strategies developed while defending high-stakes cases in complex litigation. Drawing on vast experience in the areas of toxic torts and products liability, pharmaceutical, environmental, natural resource damages, insurance coverage, investigations, federal claims, and government contracts defense, leading litigators and in-house corporate counsel share their insights gleaned from years of experience in the defense of complex litigation.

Consistently regarded as “the best CLE course of its kind offered,” in-house defense counsel and corporate leaders, from such companies as AstraZeneca, BASF, Bayer, DuPont, Eli Lilly, General Electric, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Koch, Marathon Oil, Norfolk Southern, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, SABIC, and Sherwin-Williams among others, return annually for thought-provoking presentations, real-world advice, and discussion on the topics that matter most to their business and risk management. By invitation only, attendance is restricted to corporate in-house counsel, members of the defense bar, and others similarly aligned in the defense of complex litigation on behalf of corporate clients.

Feedback from past seminars includes:

“Presentations are crisp, cutting-edge and useful to any defense or corporate practice.”

“Best seminar I attend each year.”

“Outstanding seminar. Hollingsworth LLP attorneys and their guest speakers are experienced, confident, competent, and provide great insight on dealing with complex issues.”

“The attorneys here provide a ‘national’ bird’s eye view of litigation. The speakers are lawyers’ lawyers. Their knowledge and expertise are invaluable.”

“The seminar is highly focused and useful for the skilled practitioner. The program is always first rate.”

“Definitely find the time to attend. An invaluable resource.”

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